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September 1, 2016 at 6:00am to
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Zach as a baby Moms and Dads everywhere have dreams and hopes for their children. Hope for a good life, well lived and meaningful, filled with opportunity and great relationships.


What happens to those aspirations when your child is diagnosed with a progressive disease that promises to shorten his or her life, and either end or severely limit the ability to live independent, fulfilling lives, filled with friendship and fun? What happens to their ability to grow emotionally when they are “aged-out” of those programs designed to give them that opportunity?

What happens to the parents, as they gather themselves together and face head-on a future devoid of promise? What is the impact of the stresses placed upon the family relationships and financial well-being as life moves forward, and you watch your child grow more dependent instead of independent, moving into adulthood, often feeling lonely and unfulfilled?

What happens to your “beloved burden” if you are no longer able to care for them? Where will they go and who will ever look after them as well as you can?

These are just a few of the questions that Eden’s Wellspring is striving to address.

What is Eden’s Wellspring and who benefits?

Eden’s Wellspring was founded by the mother and primary care giver of a critical care young adult with a short term life prognosis, who has lived, and is living with all of the above questions. Her son, diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, is on life support and requires 24/7 care. With all her best efforts, at 30 years of age, he is isolated and longs for meaningful friendships and experiences that are difficult to provide.

Searching for an answer to these questions, she sought to address the needs of a growing population of physically disabled young adults, 18 years of age and older, who are in the same situation as her son. With advances in medical treatment, many critical care young people are living longer, many well past their short term life prognosis, and are moving into adulthood with limited options, “aged-out” of programs once available to them.

Lacking has been an alternative home care environment that provides for social interaction, recreational opportunities, maturation aNicole Turner before her passingnd relationship development within their own age group, while also providing for their extensive life support needs.

Many are living lonely, isolated lives and are frequently placed with a senior population if their families are no longer able to care for them due to their own aging, health and financial challenges.

Our solution is a unique community living strategy that provides great 24/7 care in a beautiful, stimulating environment that encourages each person to grow into their own identity, experiencing the best of life possible as they transition from childhood to adult, alongside others who value, cherish, and celebrate life.

Our vision is to purchase and develop a property that will provide living suites for each individual who chooses to have community with us, and also to provide great opportunities to interact with each other, the beauty of nature, participate in on-site camping, and to host events that enrich their lives mentally as well as socially, no matter how long or short their days.  We will also be a vacation hub for the families of the residents to come and visit, enjoying their young adult without the burden of care-giving while finding their own personal healing and peace.

We do NOT want to become another warehouse for those cast off from society because their needs are too challenging. We can make life wonderful and fulfilling, filled with love and goodness, when we all work toward that goal.

What will the money be used for?

100% of the funds raised through this drive will go toward the acquisition of an appropriate property and its development. We currently have a property that we deem as ideal for all of Eden's Wellspring's immediate and long term goals, giving us room to grow to our maximum potential and vision.

The property we have chosen has an ideal building location, where we can provide for safe, on-site camping and recreational experiences with the added benefit of activites for families who come to visit their son or daughter, and share in the beauty of nature. For the parents of these young adults, this will be the opportunity to get much needed respite and support as they transition from being a caregiver to finally moving into their own independence.

The Arizona State University Architect Department is currently working with their students and local architect firms to develop a concept sketch for the buildings and landscaping.

What is “10,000 Faces Building a Community” and how does it work?

We have divided our fund raising target for property acquisition into 10,000 blocks of $500 each. Individuals or teams can work toward a smaller, achievable fund raising “$500 Block” goal.

With each “$500 Block” fund raising goal reached, you become part of the “10,000 Faces Building a Community” Founder’s recognition wall. Your photo or dedication will be placed in that block or blocks, dependent upon how many “$500 Blocks” are reached through either your fund raising efforts, personal contribution, or team effort, and accumulated throughout the campaign, until the final property purchase goal is reached.

All donations from $1 - $499 received will be listed on our DONOR plaque, and are greatly appreciated. Every dollar counts and every dollar makes a difference in the life of these critical care young adults.

Help us by hosting a Fundraiser or by Donating.

You will make a difference in the lives of these physically disabled, critical care young adults!

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